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A selection of our successful graphic design and internet development clients. To give you an idea of what we can do.  


When business owners saw their new website said: "It looks great! Not like any real estate page.".

It is vitally important that the website does its job - to sell properties - but also that it reflects the quality of service all Servicios Jireh clients will enjoy. The automatic changeable header image also keeps the website looking fresh.

Key features

Email alerts, Google Maps, search engine that helps the buyer find a property, automatic watermark with the logo of the company, multi-language, search engine optimization (SEO), translator in the administrative area to facilitate work to users who are not fluent in other languages, etc..

CMS - Content Management System

The website is maintained by its owners and / or employees, without requiring skilled labor. Each of them has access to an administrative area where they can add, modify or delete the property, photographs, new internal pages, etc. In this way, the website is always fresh and updated, without additional cost or waiting times.